Prepare your arrival

How to get to Lille University Hospital ?

Lille University Hospital is at the core of Northern Europe.

The campus can be reached by car or by train. It’s located at only 1 hour from Paris or 50 minutes from Charles de Gaulle’s airport by train.

Some parking slots are available on the campus.

Entry formalities

Has your hospitalization already been planned?

In order for your administrative file to be created, it is essential that you, or one of your relatives go to the admissions office of the hospital where you will be hospitalized.

Please note that some medical departments may have their own admissions office. Before going to the hospital, ask the secretary for this information so that you do not have to go to the general admission office.

If your hospitalization is scheduled, you can already prepare your pre-admission file without waiting for the day of your arrival. If possible, you can go to the admissions office a few days before your hospitalization with the following documents:

A copy of your identity document
The completed form « medical certificate for admission of foreign patients (Certificat médical d’admission des patients étrangers)
The patient’s address of residence abroad + phone number
The address of residence abroad + phone number + an e-mail address of a contact person
Health insurance certificate(s)
A bank account statement

Lille University Hospital Campus

Hospital access and parking lots

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