An outstanding university hospital campus

As a regional referral centre and major teaching hospital, Lille University Hospital provides the highest quality care throughout the Nord-Pas-de-Calais area with 1.4 million outpatients treated each year.  With 16,000 professionals, it is one of the largest campuses in Northern Europe.

Its integrated resources and expertise offer patients a sophisticated facility including state-of-the art medical equipment, providing comprehensive and specialized care from birth to geriatrics. Lille University Hospital is committed to excellence in medical research and innovative approaches, education and patient care. 

Lille University Hospital is part of the GHTLMFI, which groups together 10 public health establishments in the Nord department working together to improve patient care and advance research. This network of facilities shares the same values and visions of care.

Lille University Hospital also develops its international exchanges through sharing experiences and skills (Belgium, Canada, Brazil, Morocco, etc.).

A typical day at Lille University Hospital

Lille University Hospital’s expertise at the service of non-resident patients

Lille University Hospital is committed, through its medical, paramedical, technical and administrative teams, to providing quality services that fully comply with universal standards at all levels, from the first contact with the patient until the end of his or her care.

On January 9th 2023, Lille University Hospital was certified with the « High quality of care » mention by the French national health authority (Haute Autorité de Santé). This is the highest possible rating in the French certification process. This result proves the excellence of the University Hospital of Lille and its teams in terms of quality and safety of care.

The « High quality of care » certification is a source of pride for the entire professional community of Lille University Hospital: the overall score of 96% for the entire campus is indeed an exceptional level for an establishment of this scale.

This certification rewards the efforts and skills of the entire community of professionals and recognizes the excellence of the hospital in terms of quality and safety of care for the benefit of all the patients they care for.

A strategy based on quality and social responsability

User satisfaction is monitored by Lille University Hospital to work towards a continual improvement of patient care and the best possible fulfilment of expectations (such as offering new services).

Lille University Hospital has won several awards for its approach to sustainable development. These awards highlight outstanding initiatives in water and energy management and the recycling of food waste but also the efforts undertaken in the construction of new environmentally friendly, quality buildings.

Innovation as a priority

The highly experienced medical teams at the University Hospital of Lille have pioneered national and international innovations in medical care. Its investment strategy aims at creating and modernizing both patient facilities and the hospital’s highly sophisticated medical equipment to be able to provide the latest technology.

Lille University Hospital is one of the top 5 university hospitals in France for the quality of its research. As a truly integrated centre, it promotes the continuum of research and the emmergence of innovative collaborative projects with health structures, for the benefit of patients.

For more than twenty years, the Lille University Hospital has established numerous partnerships with the industrial world, with a view to technology transfer and the maturation of innovations.

Lille University Hospital is mainly involved in 6 key research areas: Cancer, Neurosciences, Inflammation – Infection – Immunity, Metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, Longevity and Prevention.

Health care offer

In the event of a life-threatening emergency (cardiac or respiratory attack, stroke, road accident…), dial “15 “ or « 112 » on your phone.

You will be connected directly to our specialized emergency centre available for free 24/7

Apart from emergencies, the admission of foreign patients who are not residents of France is subject to the issue of a charge or the payment of a deposit calculated on the basis of the provisional duration of the stay. The patient and also the staff of Lille University Hospital may request the assistance of an interpreter.

Lille University Hospital guarantees foreign patients the same reception and care conditions as those received by national or European patients, without priority or preferential treatment.

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