About us

An outstanding university hospital campus

As regional referral centre and major teaching hospital, Lille University Hospital provides the highest quality care throughout the north of France area with 2,770 outpatients treated each day. With 15,600 professionals, it is one of the largest health campuses in northern Europe. Its integrated resources and expertise offer patients a sophisticated facility including state-of-the art medical equipment, providing a comprehensive care from birth to geriatrics, including highly specialized care.  With strong partnerships with health facilities in the Lille area, Lille University Hospital offers the utmost quality for complex care. Lille University Hospital is committed to excellence in medical research and innovative approaches, education, and patient care.


Innovation as a priority

The highly experienced medical teams at the Lille University Hospital have pioneered national and international innovations in medical care (world Premiere).

Lille University Hospital’s investment strategy aims at creating and modernizing both patient facilities and the hospital’s highly sophisticated medical equipment to be able to provide the latest technology.


Reputed medical research

Our hospital is ranking among the top five University Hospitals in France for the quality of its research. As a comprehensive research center, Lille University Hospital fosters collaborations between health facilities, universities and national research institutes to ensure rapid and innovative advances in patient care.

Lille University Hospital has also been working hand-in-hand for over 20 years with industrial partners, to encourage the transfer of technology and develop new diagnostic tools, medications or devices.


A University Hospital with international partnerships

We have developed international partnerships throughout the world with foreign universities and health facilities. With experience in the fields of quality of care, risk management, and governance as well as the capacity to provide logistical support, Lille University Hospital aspires to accompany local partners in the challenges they face. This is achieved through education, exchange of knowledge and cross cultural experience.


A strategy based on quality and social responsibility

Lille University Hospital is certified by the French national health authority (Haute Autorité de Santé). User satisfaction is also monitored to work towards a continual improvement of patient care and the best possible fulfillment of expectations.

Lille University Hospital has won several awards for its approach to sustainable development, highlighting outstanding initiatives in water, energy and waste management, but also the efforts undertaken in the construction of new HEQ (high environmental quality) buildings.